This page provides a summary of observed differentiation (i.e., net neutrality violations such as throttling) based on tests from users of our Wehe app. We first describe the the Internet service providers (ISPs) and apps that are affected, then provide summary statistics about our dataset.

List of ISPs and Apps Where Wehe Detected Differentiation

Below is a list of all ISPs where Wehe detected differentiation (i.e., a net neutrality violation) and which apps were affected. For each ISP that shows differentiation, we provide the following additional contextual information:

  • Throttling rate(s): the detected limit(s) on the amount of bandwidth (in Mbps) that a given app can use
  • # tests with differentiation: number of Wehe tests in our dataset for each app in each ISP that show differentiation (e.g., throttling)
  • % all tests with differentiation: percent of all Wehe tests indicating differentiation for a given app/ISP pair

Generally speaking, the more tests with differentiation and the larger the fraction of tests seeing differentiation, the more confidence we have in the result. However, due to the variety of Internet service plans and the frequency with which they change, a small number or percent of tests with differentiation does not necessarily indicate low confidence in our findings.

  • ISP App Throttling rate(s) # tests with differentiations % all tests with differentiation

Summary Statistics

Below we provide number of tests over time, a map indicating tests per country, number of tests showing differentiation, and number of tests per app. You can use the drop-down menu to show these statistics only for tests that indicate differentiation.

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